Arsons in Chestertown and Crumpton Likely Related

The Maryland State Fire Marshal’s Office is seeking the public’s assistance to make arrests in at least six cases of arson involving vacant houses in the Crumpton and Chestertown communities. Since last summer, at least three houses in Crumpton and three houses in Chestertown have been deliberately set on fire during the evening and overnight hours, according to the fire marshal’s office. There have been no injuries.

Fires have been set at 308 Broad St., 212 Broad St. and 301 Second St. in Crumpton as well as 27942 Old Morgnec Road, and at two houses at Morgnec Church Road and Old Morgnec Road in Chestertown. State fire marshals determined all six to be arson and are working to identify those responsible before someone is seriously injured, according to a press release. Deputy Chief State Fire Marshal Allen R. Gosnell said he believes the fires are related. Gosnell said investigators have not necessarily connected a massive fire in late June at Church Hill Lumber Co. to the other fires, though that case was also ruled arson.

Investigators ask that anyone who may have been in the area of any of these fires contact the State Fire Marshal’s Easton Office at 410-822-7609. Investigators have some leads they are looking into, Gosnell said.