As Mike and I shoveled through 3-1/2 ft. snow drifts in our driveway, my head traveled to other places

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As Mike and I shoveled through 3-1/2 ft. snow drifts in our driveway, my head traveled to other places. No, not warm, tropical locales to help me forget the pain in my back, but rather to marketing opportunities. As I tried to forget the throbbing that had taken over my back and the thought that we still had to clear the driveway at the office, I thought, “People market all wrong during a snow storm.” As we shoveled our double-wide driveway that had totally engulfed my sedan with snow drifts, I thought about the missed opportunities of businesses during a blizzard.

Sure, we all need shovels and salt, but why does the advertising stop there? As we shoveled, I thought to myself, why aren’t these items presented front and center next to the snow shovels:



-Sleep aids

I’d grab all four of those when throwing a new snow shovel in my cart. After four hours of shoveling, the throbbing in my back was screaming for a painkiller and my tired spirit was screaming for me to wash it down with a glass of wine. As I tried to type this column at the computer after soaking through a down coat and three layers with sweat, the tingling and twitching in my hands told me I’d need help sleeping. Luckily my blizzard preparations included all of the items above, but I had to travel all over Centreville to get them. Wouldn’t it have been nice to walk by the shovel display and find all of these items right with it?

I even have the slogan for the display… “Blizzard’s coming! Shoveling will consume four hours of your weekend… but what will you need to get through the rest?! Look no further, we have it here… painkillers, wine and sleep aids! Grab them all right here!”

Well, I’ll leave you with that thought as I have to go… my back is throbbing. Painkillers and wine are calling my name.

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