Ask the Undertaker – Let’s Make A Plan

Funeral PlanningAsk the Undertaker – Let’s Make A Plan, a two part presentation series will be offered at Grasonville Senior Center Feb 20 and Feb 27, 10:45AM

We’ve all talked about it. We’ve all thought about it. Now let’s do it! If you are like most Americans and want your final arrangements made in advance, but may be apprehensive of meeting at a funeral home or not clear about what exactly you may want done in the future, now is your time. This seminar is designed to provide guidance in making advance arrangements while uncovering common myths about cremation and funeral planning. Learn what service options are available today, how your family’s special preferences can be accommodated and how to develop a sense of direction for your family.

In this two part series presenter Ryan Helfenbein will address questions about available options for cremation and funeral services today, necessary legal documents, obituary information, preventing overspending, what one needs vs. what one wants, and plan estimated costs. Attendees will receive a multi chapter Legacy Planning binder to record future plans and more, offering them an opportunity to document their plans for future use with any funeral service provider in the US.

Adults of all ages are welcome. Light refreshments will be served.  Reserve your seat by calling Grasonville Senior Center (410) 827-6010 conveniently located at 4802 Main Street, Grasonville.