Athlete of the Week: Robert Nealon III (R.J.)

rj (300 x 400)Graduated from Kent Island High School in 2011

Hobbies include Mixed Martial Arts, kickboxing, wresting, Ju-Jitsu, and basketball.

RJ played football, baseball, special Olympics swimming and Special Olympics basketball, and mixed martial arts.

He participated in the Special Olympics for 6 years. He’s been to the Md state games and went to the Special Olympics National Games in Nebraska for swimming in 2010, where he received 2 golds,1 silver and 4th place. He was 1 of 4 athletes representing Maryland in swimming.

Nick Newell has inspired me to do Mixed Martial arts because he is also handicapped with 1 arm and has succeeded to become undefeated 11-0.

My future plans include becoming a pro MMA fighter and to open up a wrestling and MMA gym where I can help handicap kids fulfill their dreams in martial arts.