Best Dog Training, Genesis K9,Helps Your Pet Be on His Best Behavior

Voting for your favorite local business and organizations in our Golden Anchor Awards is just a few months away, so we’re highlighting the winners you voted for last year! Our readers voted Genesis K9 Best Dog Training, so we talked to Mike Iglio, founder and owner of Genesis K9. Mike has had a bond with dogs starting at a young age. He went on to volunteer at a Delaware Police K9 unit before starting his own K9 training company and studying at the Animal Behavior College.

What kind of dogs do you most often work with? What kind of goals do you set?

Goals and objectives are set by the client. It also depends a lot on age. In puppies it’s nipping a majority of the time. Jumping, bolting, rushing the doorbell when the doorbell rings, all types of home management issues that cause disharmony. To a lesser degree issues like leash reactivity and sometimes aggression towards humans.

Why do dogs misbehave?

Communication is a big part of it. Setting boundaries and creating a structured environment is critical. Most people come to me at a point where they have disharmony in the house, where there’s no peace. That’s really what I focus on is bringing peace. I look at the relationship with the human because once we fix that and put a reward system in place with structure it becomes easier to put the obedience in place.

Any basic dog training tips?

Structure and boundaries. Dog training is not just setting up two or three training sessions; it should become a way of life. Once people treat it that way and follow through with a rewards system then the dog will understand “hey I can get rewarded.”

Do you do any work with the owners to ensure the behaviors stay?

That’s a big part of the initial process. I have people fill out a quick consultation form and then typically I observe the relationship between the dog and the owner. If you have a dysfunctional relationship with the dog everything else will suffer.

If you would like to learn more about Genesis K9 Training you can go to their website at There you can learn more about Mike’s dog training philosophy, read testimonials and more. Stay tuned to vote for your favorite