Better Balance with Tai Chi Class

Grasonville Senior Center is delighted to offer a new Healthy Living for Older Adults class with emphasis on Better Balance with Tai Chi. This program is suitable for senior adults of all ages and fitness levels.

Research has proven that practicing Tai Chi, a balance promoting exercise, is effective in reducing the risk of falling and helps maintain independence. The Better Balance with Tai Chi program includes the 8 Tai Chi forms most beneficial for balance. These involve weight-shifting, body alignment, and coordinated movements performed in a slow continuous circular and flowing manner. In addition, this gentle exercise class will incorporate fundamentals of healthy living, proper diet, and the importance of exercise on a regular basis.

Health benefits include: reduced risk of falling, lower blood pressure, reduced symptoms of depression, improved muscular strength, better balance and posture control, improved sleep quality, improved mental well-being, and improved overall quality of life.

This fun class will meet each Monday & Wednesday March 4 – June 17, 11am – 12pm. Registration fee is $30 for the 15 week session which meets 2X each week. Advance registration is suggested as space in limited. Call for information (410) 827-6010. Grasonville Senior Center is located at 4802 Main Street, Grasonville.