Big Box Petitions Delivered

Queen Anne’s County residents who want voters to decide whether the county should allow retailers to build Big Box stores said petition signatures they filed last week should be sufficient to put the question on the ballot in next fall’s general election. Petition sponsor Jim Campbell, along with co-sponsor Jay Falstad and petition circulators Bob Foxx and Margot French brought 2,085 signatures to Centreville to be filed with the Board of Elections before the deadline. Petitioners had to turn in valid signatures of a total of 10-percent of registered county voters by October 26 to accomplish their goal. The group filed about 2,300 signatures in September, about 2,095 were determined to be valid by County Elections Director Brittani Thomas. Of the current batch of signatures delivered to the Board of Elections, another 1,075 signatures must be ruled valid for the issue to be put on the ballot. Thomas now has 20 days to verify the signatures submitted and two more days after that to report the results to the petition sponsors.