Body Watts Owner Testifies for Approval of HB416

On February 18th, Delegate Jeannie Haddaway presented House Bill 416 before Economic Matters Committee  and Lorri Wilson-Clarke, Owner of BodyWatts Lifestyle Studio in Easton, presented testimony in support of the bill.

HB416 would clarify points in the current regulations thereby enabling insurance companies to reimburse health club memberships.  HB416 was proposed by Delegates Haddaway, Aumann, Boteler, Bromwell, Eckardt, Elliott, Elmore, Frank, George, Smigiel, Sossi and Stocksdale.  Excerpts of Wilson-Clarke’s testimony follow  “ We have read articles and heard news reports saying that exercise and proper diet can lower risks for heart disease, diabetes, cancer, depression and other diseases. These diseases are crippling our society both physically and financially. “

“After 3 to 6 months of regular exercise and eating healthier, many  of my health club members  either eliminate one or more of their prescriptions or have a decrease in their dosage.  The amount of money that insurance companies are saving by not having to pay for these drugs would offset the cost of a health club membership.”

“Our neighboring states of Delaware, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and New York have regulations requiring health insurance companies to promote wellness by reimbursing  their clients for a portion of their health club  membership. The client is required to complete a 100 day workout log to earn this reimbursement.   The insurance company provides a workout log which requires a staff member at a health club  to sign off for each day the client  exercises.  When the client completes the 100 days and sends the log to their insurance company the client receives a reimbursement check .  In these other states, the reimbursement  ranges from $100 to  $250 depending upon the insurance company.”

Support HB416 by calling or emailing the committee members of the Economic Matters Committee.  Wilson-Clarke has requested anyone who wishes to help, email  her at and put HB416 in the subject line.    The committee members will be voting on HB 416 during the week of February 22nd.  The committee members and their email addresses are as follows:
Chair: Dereck E. Davis          
Vice Chair: David D. Rudolph
Charles Barkley                       

Aisha N. Braveboy                  

Emmett C. Burns, Jr.               

Brian J. Feldman                      

Jeannie Haddaway                  

Hattie N. Harrison                   

C. Sue Hecht                            

Rick Impallaria                       

Sally Jameson                         

James J. King                          

Ruth M. Kirk                          

Carolyn J. Krysiak                

Mary Ann E. Love                

Roger Manno                         

James N. Mathias, Jr.           

Brian K. McHale                  

Warren E. Miller                 

Joseph J. Minnick               

Donna M. Stifler                 

Herman L. Taylor, Jr.         

Michael L. Vaughn             

Mary Roe Walkup