Celebrating Citizenship: Honoring Outstanding Contributions to Queen Anne’s County

As November embraces the Character Counts! pillar of Citizenship, the spotlight shines on individuals and organizations dedicated to making their communities better. Citizenship embodies the essence of actively participating in improving one’s home, school, and community through responsible actions, advocacy, and support for the welfare of others.

In acknowledgment of this pillar, we are delighted to honor two entities for their outstanding contributions to Queen Anne’s County:

Queen Anne’s County Veteran and Military Support Alliance (VAMSA) – Upholding Service and Support

Launched in 2022, VAMSA has been instrumental in addressing the unique needs of servicemen and women, striving to provide comprehensive support services. Their initiatives encompass financial counseling, holistic therapies, guidance for accessing government and private sector assistance, and invaluable peer support to active military, veterans, and their families. VAMSA firmly believes in honoring the sacrifices made by our military and veteran families, advocating for communities that deeply value, invest in, and understand their unique experiences.

QACTV – Informing, Engaging, and Elevating the Community

QACTV stands as a model of civic engagement, providing information to the citizens of our county. Their dedicated staff ensures residents are well-informed about local events, including broadcasts of county Board of Education and Commissioners meetings. More than a media outlet, QACTV actively promotes local non-profits, small businesses, and fundraising events, truly embodying the pillars of character upon which our community thrives.

For further information about our November Spotlights, please visit www.peopleofcharacter.org.

Additionally, we encourage community members to nominate deserving businesses, non-profits, or individuals in Queen Anne’s County who are making a positive impact.