Celebrating the Return of the Ospreys

The Chesapeake Bay Environmental Center (CBEC) is launching The Bird School with an exciting all-day selection of workshops, Celebrating the Return of the Ospreys.  This event is open to the public.  All workshops for this event are free-of-charge, except for nest observation boat trip at the end of the day.

CBEC’s executive director, Judy Wink, a world renown ornithologist and environmentalist, created this celebratory event in response to public inquiries about the Chesapeake Bay’s ospreys.  This event will officially kick off The Bird School, CBEC’s new series of lectures and workshops on Chesapeake Bay area birds.  (Watch for a complete listing of Bird School events to follow.)

Wink said, “CBEC’s 510-acre peninsula in Grasonville, Maryland, consists of six distinct birding habitats.  All of the migrating waterfowl, herons, and most shorebird species can be seen from many of our bird blinds and observation towers.  Our site hosts 210 species, including bald eagles, brown-headed nuthatches, surf scooters, and ospreys.  Every year, we welcome the return of the ospreys.  This year, we will be celebrating their return with a series of hands-on, informational workshops for novices and experienced birders alike.”

To sign up for any of the April 10 Return of the Ospreys workshops or events (listed below), send an email to Judy Wink, jwink@bayrestoration.org, or call 410.827.6713.  To request a complete schedule of The Bird School workshops and seminars, contact Sandra Erbe, serbe@bayrestoration.org.

To learn more about the Chesapeake Bay Environmental Center, visit www.bayrestoration.org.



9:30-10:00 am, Osprey Natural History, presented by Judy Wink (free)

Learn about the behavior of this species while they reside in Maryland. All phases of the ospreys’ actions—from migratory return, nest selection, nest building, mating, care of young and departure for wintering grounds—will be presented.

10:00-10:30 am, A Photographic Journey, presented by Patrick Lynch (free)

Patrick Lynch is a notable freelance photographer who documented an osprey family from their arrival to a nest platform through the fledging of their young. He will offer tips for “capturing the picture” of osprey life in this interactive presentation.

10:00-12 noon, Kids’ Activities, supervised by CBEC staff & volunteers (free)

Crafts, games, stories, and action enhance learning about ospreys.

12 noon-1:00 pm, Demonstration: Building an Osprey Platform (free)

Join CBEC’s volunteers in building several osprey platforms. Learn the carpentry tricks in turning pre-cut lumber into a model home. Plans for platforms are available.

1:00-2:00 pm, Oscar and Olive, presented by author Janie Suss (free)

Janie Suss recently wrote a book, Oscar and Olive, about a family of ospreys that established residence on her property. Janie will discuss the “hows and whys” she wrote the book, which appeals to both children and adults. She will also conduct a book signing.

2:30-4:30 pm, Nest Observation by Boat, presented by Judy Wink (cost: $45)

Leaving from the Crab Deck in the Kent Narrows, birders will have the opportunity to observe approximately 10 nests in various stages of construction. Hopefully, some nests will be completed and the bird will be incubating eggs. By boat, the participants get close to channel markers and platforms to get a good view of the bird’s activities. Great photographic opportunities, so bring your camera! Ospreys are undisturbed when approached by boats (they know their safety is in flight), and we will respect them by keeping a respectful distance. (This event is the only fee-based activity; cost: $45 per person.)