Chesapeake Environmental Lab Thrives As It Celebrates 20th Year

Exploring new markets while strengthening existing relationships have been the keys for success for Chesapeake Environmental Lab (CEL) of Stevensville, a Maryland State Certified Water Quality Laboratory (#181), that looks to 2012 with 20 years of service under its belt.

As is the case with most businesses the slow economy inspired creativity at Chesapeake Environmental Lab when it came to looking at business development and new markets in the past few years. “Every business goes through cycles of growth,” says Eva DiGiovine Stoops of Centreville, vice president of CEL. “When outside influences like a slow economy come into play it just forces you to think differently and analyze business strengths and look at different markets,” she adds.

“During the real estate boom real estate agencies and builders were our biggest market. But when that market dried up we still had a variety of directions to go simply because our services are so diverse and our customer service is so strong,” says Dominic DiGiovine of Stevensville, CEL president and laboratory director. “When a business is balanced and thoughtful about planning, marketing and networking it is more likely to thrive, not limp along during a recession,” he adds.

Founded in 1991, Chesapeake Environmental Lab (CEL) is a Maryland State Certified Water Quality Laboratory (#181) that conducts water testing for homeowners, real estates agents, wastewater treatment plants, public and private entities that oversee rivers and beaches in Anne Arundel, Calvert, Montgomery, Howard and Baltimore counties, as well as Maryland’s Eastern Shore and parts of Delaware.

CEL specializes in comprehensive water analysis, well and septic inspections, well chlorination services, arsenic, fluoride, radon (air and water), radium, lead and copper testing. CEL’s staff is certified in Maryland and Delaware for inspection of open access septic disposal systems. For the past 20 years CEL has been committed to educating consumers, builders and contractors, real estate professionals and businesses on the importance of clean and safe water.

For more information, call (410) 643-0800 or toll-free at (800) 300-TEST (300-8378).

In photo, from left, are: Dominic DiGiovine of Stevensville, president and laboratory director; Edie Breeding of Grasonville, office associate and accounts receivable; Claude DiGiovine of Stevensville, state certified technician; Pam Catterton of Grasonville, office associate and customer service; Mark Wade of Centreville, state certified technician; Eva DiGiovine Stoops of Centreville, vice president and supervisor; Victor DiGiovine of Easton, state certified technician.