Chesapeake Film Festival Turns the Spotlight on “Chesapeake, the Film”

Luncheon (400 x 300)The Chesapeake Film Festival (CFF) was pleased to bring to town, three (3) Virginia filmmakers working on a new film entitled “Chesapeake” to a group of local Talbot County residence. Bringing filmmakers into the region to interact with local audiences is part of CFF’s mission. “It is such a great part of what CFF does – to invite our audience members to rub elbows with filmmakers.” says Sandra Johnson, a CFF board member who attended the luncheon at The Bartlett Pear Inn on October 29th.

The film “Chesapeake” is in the pre-production stage; funding, casting, location scouting as they prepare for shooting in the summer of 2014. The two producers, Erica Arvold and Sara Elizabeth Timmins and the one writer/director Eric Hurt enjoyed an incredible gourmet menu thoughtfully prepared by Chef Jordon Lloyd with a dozen local residents who support the local arts in our community. An important aspect for CFF was to introduce a few local foundations to the project as a main element in the film centers on conserving the Bay.

“Having that close interaction in the early stages of a project offers truly unique connections and opportunities to the people who attend. Now the door is open for future interaction and long-lasting relationships.” says Liza Ledford, a CFF organizer, “Events like this support our chances of bringing the production back to our region for filming. It is a wonderful way to showcase our locations and generate economic incentives as well.” The production crew continued after lunch with Lisa Gowe of the Talbot County Watermen’s Association for a tour of St. Michaels.

To find out more about “Chesapeake” the film, starring Keith Carradine, visit

The Chesapeake Film Festival, to be held September 19-21, 2014 in downtown Easton and Oxford, MD brings the best in independent film to Talbot County – along with wonderful music and loads of excitement – CFF invites its audience to “Watch-Think-Discuss” together as a community and experience the inspiration, education and fun that films can provide. If you would like to get the CFF newsletter and hear more about CFF events please sign up on the website.

September 19-21, 2014 – Chesapeake Film Festival –

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The Chesapeake Film Festival (CFF) mission is “to entertain, enrich and inspire by bringing the finest in narrative, documentary and short film to the Chesapeake Bay community.” For more information, call 410-822-3500 or visit or email

In photo: front row left to right: Lisa Gowe, Sara Elizabeth Timmins, Jane Seldon, Sandra Johnson, Dale Rauch, Donna Roser, Stacey Brumbaugh, Al Girard Back row: Eric Hurt, Erica Arvold, Robbin Hill, Steve Seldon