Chloe’s Corner: Anti-Bullying Committee

My article this month is a bit of an update on my life, but also a written delivery of some pretty important information.

So, this month I became a member of the Anti-Bullying Committee in Queen Anne’s County. I am so thankful for this opportunity, and I really hope I can be of some help to the committee. Just being in the room with everyone was really great. This is also pretty excellent because I get to learn a lot of crucial information about bullying, and what’s really going on with it in schools throughout the county.

In the last meeting I went to, many things were discussed. The two that stood out the most to me were the Hero Club and National Bullying Day. If you’re wondering what either one of these two things are, I will happily explain them. The Hero Club is basically a group of students who are considered hero’s, because they have taken action to prevent bullying. I LOVE this because it makes bullying prevention something really cool to participate in, plus you can nominate anyone who you think deserves it. (You can fill out an application on the Queens Anne’s County Public Schools website and e-mail it to .)

Ok, National Bullying Day! It’s October 9th this year. I love the thought of having a whole day dedicated to it, but just a little reminder, can we try to remember bullying all year? Bullying is a serious problem that should be worked on constantly. If everyone just tried to remember bullying, attempt to stop it when they see it, or just be all around nicer; the world would be a better place.

Alright. So, thanks for reading as always, and thank you in general. I really appreciate the support of this column and am thankful for every reader. Have a good September, I’ll see you on November 1st!