Chloe’s Corner: Interviews, Reviews, and the Point of View from a Local Teen

I was recently in a pickle as to what to write my September article on, being that my schedule was kind of full. Managing a volleyball team, two projects due, a ton of homework, and homecoming dress shopping were the biggest things on my mind.

And then it occurred to me. Homecoming dresses.

Many of you may know that Homecoming is about a week and a half away, and you may have your ticket, your date, but alas, what about your dress? I’m here to help, once again, with fashion advice.

So. First off, if you have more of an outgoing personality, I would recommend a bodycon (form-fitting) dress of any kind. Bodycon dresses accentuate curves, and can be worn in a very laid-back style. If you really want to make the dress more formal, you could go with a peplum bodycon dress. The peplum is a big plus, because not only is it on trend, but it makes your waist look tiny. Score.

If you consider yourself to be more reserved, a good style of dress for you would be anything ballerina-style. This type of dress puffs up around the waist, and can be worn long or short. If you don’t like extremely poofy (like myself…), there are different ballerina-styles in which the dress is more, well, flippy, than fluffy.

If that makes any sense.

That’s why I’m including pictures, alright.

Have a great time at Homecoming.

Photos: at left, Peplum bodycon; at right, Ballerina.