Community Care Project Reaches Out To Families In Mortgage Crisis

HAMP Training (400 x 300)Members of Community Care Project met recently to learn new ways to offer support to those who are facing foreclosure or anticipate a mortgage crunch due to changes in their economic situation.  The group – which came into being to help those in crisis due to loss of income with the recession – received training last week in administering the recently enacted Homeowner’s Affordable Modification Program (HAMP). They now are able to help others take advantage of this new consumer-friendly Federal program through reconstructing mortgage loans going into default or about to do so. After this training, the group discussed how they might reach out to families in QACty to offer support, not only with mortgage issues, but with a myriad of other crises that arise when family income diminishes or disappears.

Beth Jacobson of Mid Shore Pro Bono, who offered the training to the group, stated that “for many homeowners the idea of foreclosure is so devastating they ignore the situation and wait to do something until it’s too late.” She went on to say that Governor O’Malley had recently signed into law a number of measures to give homeowners protections and keep them from losing their homes. The intent of this legislation is to protect MD citizens from fraud and give them more time and more means to find solutions for avoiding foreclosure. The new Federal HAMP program is one of the most recently enacted solutions, offering homeowners who qualify the opportunity to reconstruct their loan with their lender.

A flyer describing the work of CCP will be distributed at an upcoming mortgage seminar at Matapeake Elementary School, where CCP and ProBono volunteers will be present to talk with those in need. The Seminar will be held on Wednesday, November 18, 6:30-8:30PM at Matapeake Elementary School, located at 651Romancoke Rd in Stevensville, across from the Christ Episcopal Church. It’s goal is to help those with mortgage problems understand the process of foreclosure and become aware of how the new Federal and Maryland laws and programs can help to forestall and prevent foreclosure. The Seminar is not only for persons who are facing foreclosure but for those having trouble making their mortgage payments. All residents in Queen Anne’s and surrounding counties who need help or who want to build awareness of this issue are encouraged to attend.