CommUNITY Mentors…We Want You!

CommUNITY-Mentoring-Picnic-014-Dave-Cooper,-Jacki-Carter,-Chris-Pariseau,-Bob-KottcampCommUNITY Mentors…We Want You!

On Friday, June 13th CommUNITY Mentoring a partner of Character Counts! and our Local Management Board, hosted an informational cookout at 100 Court House Square outside the Court House to inform the public of mentoring opportunities in our Community. There are mentoring opportunities available to impact our areas youth for both females and males. Employees of Community Services, including board members from the CommUNITY Mentoring Board; partners from Hope Academy and current CommUNITY Mentors were on hand to answer questions about mentoring for interested persons.

Current CommUNITY Mentors shared what they felt was the most important attribute a mentor can posses:

“P is for patience, an important mentoring attribute. It takes time to develop a relationship, but will be time well spent.” – Bob Kottcamp, Mentor.

“P is for perception. Remember your mentee has a different perception and take yourself out of the equation as much as possible.”- David Cooper, Mentor

“The little things have the biggest impact on a mentee’s life. It’s the little things you do, that seem insignificant, that have the biggest impact, and make being a mentor most rewarding.”- Chris Pariseau, Mentor.

To become a CommUNITY mentor or Character coach for the 2014-2015 school year, or for additional information on the program contact Jacki Carter at 410-758-6677. QAC Character Counts! is a part of Community Partnerships for Children & Families, our Local Management Board.

Photo: David Cooper, Jacki Carter, Chris Pariseau, and Bob Kottcamp