DENTON — Compass Regional Hospice will be offering their three-day November training session in Denton for any individuals interested in becoming a patient care volunteer.

The volunteer session is scheduled for 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Nov. 5, 6 and 7, and will take place at the Central Library, 100 Market Street, Denton. Registration is required and completing the entire class is necessary for volunteers who wish to provide companionship and support to Compass Regional Hospice’s patients and their loved ones in Queen Anne’s, Kent and Caroline counties.


“Most often, patient volunteers give companionship to patients by reading, playing cards, or just watching television with our patients. They also give caregivers a chance to have a much needed break to tend to other responsibilities.” said Robyn Affron, volunteer manager at Compass Regional Hospice. “Occasionally our patients need some gardening or laundry done, or a quick errand run. Our volunteers provide the added support that our patients and families need during what can be an overwhelming time.”


Topics taught during the training will include an overview of hospice, the process of dying, spiritual care and its place in hospice care, the stages of grief, effective communications techniques, family dynamics, stress management and self-care for caregivers.


Compass Regional Hospice relies on more than 300 volunteers of all ages to support its mission, and these individuals volunteer their time in a variety of ways. In addition to patient care volunteers, Compass is currently seeking kitchen volunteers, licensed hair stylists, and volunteers with special talents like yoga or sewing for projects and events. Whatever your motivation to volunteer, there is a place for you at Compass Regional Hospice.


For more information about becoming a volunteer for Compass Regional Hospice, contact Robyn Affron at 443-262-4112 or