DNR Suspends Watermen’s Licenses After Poaching Charges

The Maryland Department of Natural Resources has suspended the licenses of two watermen for the rest of the season for oyster violations. This marks the second time the penalty has been used to enforce oyster laws. Authorities say 26-year-old Zachary Seaman of Woolford and 45-year-old Edward Lowery of Tilghman are accused of poaching. Both men have previous records of breaking the law. Police say they caught Lowery harvesting oysters in the middle of the night with a power dredge on January 21. Earlier in the season, they say he had been caught harvesting undersize oysters. Seaman was arrested December 7 when police say he was found with 31 bushels of oysters nearly three times the legal limit. Later, police say he was caught taking oysters from an oyster sanctuary. Oyster season ends March 31.