Don’t Spend Your Life in Recovery … Recover Your Life!

Celebrate Recovery is a Christ-Centered 12-step program that provides people with resources and relationships to help recover from life’s hurts, habits, or hang-ups.

People who are powerless to change their past, other people, or harmful habits and behaviors are empowered by eight recovery principles found in the Beatitudes and Christ-centered 12 Steps.

Only one-fourth of attendees in Celebrate Recovery are struggling with drug and alcohol addictions. All others are those with any type of issue from which they seek freedom. It is a 12-step program for life!

Healing and restoration of your life may be found in the teaching and fellowship offered by Celebrate Recovery. Please join us to gain the power you need to deal effectively with painful life challenges.

The Celebrate Recovery program begins again on January 2, 2013, at Kent Island United Methodist Church, 2739 Cox Neck Road, Chester, MD. Meeting times are 7:00 – 9:00 pm each Wednesday night throughout the year. Childcare is provided.

Pain may be God’s megaphone. He wants to heal you. Info: or 410-643-5361.