Earth Data Employees Volunteer with Habitat Choptank in Easton

In addition to using high-tech tools in field-oriented water resources and geospatial consulting services, employees with Earth Data, Inc. in Centreville are rolling up their sleeves to use manual tools to help out the community through volunteer service. Earth Data employees recently participated with Habitat Choptank to help install siding on sheds for Habitat homes on Prospect Avenue in Easton. Habitat is currently building four houses on Prospect Avenue and five houses and one rehab in the Hill Neighborhood in Easton.

“Working with local businesses like Earth Data is great because it lets more people know what we’re doing and allows them to build their team, working together as a team on site. So, I think it helps them and it helps us,” comments Jim Thomas, Site Supervisor for Habitat Choptank.

In addition to regular crews of volunteers during the week, Habitat Choptank utilizes crews on Saturdays where businesses, churches, and nonprofit groups can volunteer. The organization continues to build its volunteer corps since COVID.

“Volunteers are critical to helping us keep our homes affordable for the families we serve,” said JoAnn Hansen, Executive Director of Habitat Choptank. “The need for affordable housing just keeps growing, so volunteers like those from Earth Data help us meet the need and are so appreciated.”

Earth Data employee Jen Marshall spent the day learning more skills she can use at home with DIY projects. She adds, “In addition to learning new skills, I also like that I am helping the community.” 

Christine Kunkowski, Office Manager at Earth Data, and Tina Wright, Administrative Assistant at Earth Data, who helped organize the volunteer day for employees, also made up an all-women’s team at the site. They, add, “It’s just fun just being out here knowing that you’re doing something great for the community and helping people to move into their new homes.”

In addition to giving back through its environmental work, the Earth Data Giving Program encourages all Earth Data Incorporated employees to help others. It provides employees with paid public-service hours for volunteer work done to support local charities and others, such as helping feed school kids on the weekends, cleaning hiking trails, supporting elementary school reading programs, and teaching kids about the world around them by using maps and GIS.