Eastern Shore Cancer Research Network Launches Web Site for Cancer Patients and Loved Ones

Mary S. De Shields, MD, an oncologist with Eastern Shore Oncology, P.C. in Easton, MD, recently launched a web site for cancer patients and their loved ones through her non-profit organization, Eastern Shore Cancer Research Network (ESCRN). ESCRN was established is to help those diagnosed with cancer to seek out the best cancer treatment for their disease and to increase participation in clinical trials to advance the science of personalized medicine.

ESCRN is providing educational programs and outreach activities for residents on the Eastern Shore about breast, colon, lung, prostate and ovarian cancer prevention, the importance of early detection and screening, and cancer treatment. In addition, ESCRN addresses the differences in health care outcomes for minority and underserved individuals affected by cancer. Through education, cancer patients are linked to national, regional, and local organizations that provide aid to them and their families, as well as access to participating in cancer treatment trials. At the same time, ESCRN is promoting wellness to modify risk factors for developing cancer.

According to Dr. De Shields, “Our website was designed to help cancer patients and their families navigate the limitless amount of information available on the Internet. It includes a brief history of ESCRN, previously held and upcoming events; links to local and national organizations that provide the latest in cancer research and patient assistance; and frequently asked questions about cancer diagnosis and treatment from the initial visit with the cancer specialist to survivorship.”

Each month, ESCRN’s web site will feature a “What You Should Know . . .” column written by Dr. De Shields which will focus on timely cancer-related topics. For further information, visit escrn.org or call 410-819-3332.