Easton meetup group to network and explore coworking space opportunities May 15th

BLD025344-2-150x150Easton meetup group to network and explore coworking space opportunities May 15th

Entrepreneurs, technopreneurs, solopreneurs, freelancers, and others interested in starting or operating a business are invited to the next Easton meetup on Thursday, May 15, from 5:30 to 7 p.m. The meeting will take place at 12 N. Washington Street, Suite 200, Second Floor, Easton, Md., and follows up on an April meeting to discuss the possibility of opening a coworking space in Easton. This month’s meeting location is a possible location for the space.

Currently the only coworking space on Maryland’s Eastern Shore, called hotDesks, is located in Salisbury. The Eastern Shore Entrepreneurship Center (ESEC), the non-profit organization that opened the Salisbury co-working space, will host the meetup. The event is free. Light refreshments will be available.

A coworking space is a physical, “wired” location where individuals with workspace flexibility collaborate, and often, develop new business ideas. According to Deskmag, the leading authority on coworking, 100,000 people are members of 2,490 coworking spaces around the world in 81 different countries. Of those 853 coworking spaces are located in the United States. The key characteristics of coworking spaces that differentiates them from more familiar business models like incubators in that it is all about community and collaboration.

To RSVP for the meetup, “Google” Easton TechConnect, and click on “join us.” For more information, call the ESEC at (410) 770-9330, mike@ventureahead.org or connect at twitter.com/hotDesksMD.