Easton Police Department Merchant Warning

Since November the Easton Police Department has responded to a rash of burglaries of businesses within the town.

Several storage unit facilities on the outskirts of town have been targeted where the suspects have cut the locks on the storage units and then stole items from inside the storage units.  Several construction sites have also been targeted in these same areas where large numbers of tools have been taken.

In the central business district suspects have predominately targeted businesses that have cash registers, safes, and money jars on the counters.  The main method of entry will be to pry a window or door open, often times on a secluded area of the building.  The suspects will then pry open cash registers and safes to obtain money.

The times of these burglaries vary but are after businesses are closed.  The earliest burglary occurred at 9:00pm.

The Easton Police Department has been dedicating resources to this problem since November and have identified several persons of interest in reference to these burglaries.  The Easton Police Department will continue these operations but asks that the public and business owners taken preventive measures and to report any suspicious activities in the business districts to The Easton Police Department.

Business owners:
·         Make sure alarms are set at closing times and surveillance equipment is operational.
·         Do not leave money or valuables in plain sight.
·         Take deposits to the bank daily as to not have a large amount of money in your
·         If you find you are the victim of a burglary leave the scene undisturbed and contact
The Easton Police Department as soon as possible so they may conduct an
·         Leave a light on inside your business so officers can see inside on their patrols.
·         Keep alleyways and side/back doors well lit.

In addition The Easton Police Department is asking all citizens to report any suspicious activity they may observe in the business districts during the night especially after all businesses in the area have closed.

To report any suspicious activity please call The Easton Police Department at 410-822-1111.  Anyone with information in reference to these burglaries is asked to call The Criminal Investigations Division at this same number.