Emergency Services Director Named to State Numbers System Board

John Chew, director of the Queen Anne’s County Department of Emergency Services, was recently appointed by the Governor to the Maryland Emergency Numbers System Board. Chew will complete the last two years of a vacant term with an opportunity to be re-appointed to a full four year term in 2012.

The Maryland ENSB was formed in 1979 and falls under the auspices of the Maryland Department of Public Safety and Correctional Services. The ENSB coordinates installation and enhancement of county 9-1-1 emergency telephone number services systems and issues guidelines and determines review procedures to approve or disapprove county plans for these systems. The ENSB also sets criteria for reimbursing counties from the 9-1-1 Trust Fund and from ongoing funds, and provides for audit of Trust Fund accounts.

“I’ve worked closely with this board for a number of years and am extremely honored to be an active member of the group,” said Chew. Last year Queen Anne’s County was able to secure almost $800,000 in grant funds from the ENSB in order to upgrade the phone system in the Emergency Operations Center.

County Commissioner Carol Fordonski, the liaison to the Department of Emergency Services, said the Commissioners were pleased at Chew’s appointment to the state board. “This is an extremely important board and we know John will represent our county well,” she said.