Every Quilt Has a Story: Quilt Winner is Named

On April 1, 2010 Peggy Patterson, owner of Peggy’s Sewing Center, drew the winning raffle ticket for the quilt she donated as a fundraiser for Crossroads Community, Inc.  The quilt spent several months moving around Crossroads’ service area making its last stop in Cambridge at Craig’s Drug Store, Inc.  And that is where the winning ticket was sold!

When contacted she was the winner, Paula Harrison, a resident of East New Market, was thrilled.  She spoke of the colors, pattern and story that drew her eye to the quilt display.

While waiting for her prescription to be filled, Ms. Harrison read the story of the quilt’s journey from Peggy’s Sewing Center to Crossroads. Recounting the moment, she said the extra time she took to consider purchasing a ticket was a departure from her normal routine.  We at Crossroads are pleased that she took the time to invest in the quilt raffle.  The journey now moves to East New Market and Ms. Harrison.

When asked how she would display the quilt, she stated it would be draped on the first floor guest bedroom bed in her home.  While it occurred to her that a wall display of the quilt would be nice, but without an available large wall the quilt will instead welcome guests to her home.

Crossroads Community wishes to thank Craig’s Drug Store, especially Karen and Charles Kelly, as well as the other businesses assisting with the display of the quilt. Margery Williams’ 1922 classic The Velveteen Rabbit is the perfect metaphor for this journey. In the story the Rabbit learns from the Skin Horse that a toy becomes real if its owner truly loves it.  Our quilt began the “real” journey as Peggy Patterson conceived its design and the volunteers’ hands lovingly crafted it.  Tucked away for awhile the quilt’s gift to Crossroads Community gave it new purpose.  Now we pass it along to Paula and Sonny Harrison.