Everyday Heroes Named at Shore Health System

EDH Interven Radiology 1009 (400 x 300)Members of the Shore Health System Interventional Radiology team were recently recognized as Everyday Heroes by a grateful spouse, whose husband was cared for at The Memorial Hospital at Easton.

In a note that accompanied her donation to the Memorial Hospital Foundation, the donor described how radiologist Frank Brennan, MD, played an important role in caring for her husband during his battle with cancer. She also praised Dawn Anderson, RN, and Amy Manship RT(R), IR Technologist, whom she described as “Two wonderful human beings. They made us laugh, they showed us compassion, affection and love. They treated us with respect and honesty and made a very difficult time bearable.  They became family.  I will never forget them for their kindness to me, but especially to my husband, right up to his dying day.”

The Memorial Hospital Foundation sponsors the Everyday Hero Program to give patients and their families an opportunity to honor a physician, staff member or volunteer by making a financial donation to the Foundation. These gifts are used to support Shore Health System in continuing its mission of delivering Exceptional Care, Every Day. For more information about the Everyday Hero Program, contact the Memorial Hospital Foundation, 410-822-1000, ext. 5481.