Exit Gold Realty Offers In-house Attorney for Short Sales

EXIT GOLD REALTY now offers in-house attorney and staff to process all short sales. Our attorney specializes in real estate financing, foreclosures & short sales.

With today’s ever changing rules on short sales – and nearly every transaction we are doing is a short sale – EXIT GOLD REALTY added the service of an in-house attorney to insure our clients have the best advice & benefits available to them. This is an added value service with NO cost to our clients!

Looking for help-need answers on what option are available- struggling with what to do-call for private, confidential appointment-our professional staff is ready to help. This is a FREE service provided by EXIT GOLD REALTY.

Contact Debbie Houck at 443-496-1252 or debbiehouck@verizon.net.

For more information about EXIT GOLD REALTY, please call 410-643-4111 or 410-364-9009. EXIT GOLD REALTY has locations in Stevensville and Denton.