Experts to Speak at Local February Writers Conference

The popular Bay to Ocean Writers Conference will be held on Saturday, February 23, 2013, at Chesapeake College in Wye Mills, MD. Registrations are still being accepted at for this one-day event, which features thirty sessions and workshops for writers of all levels.

All aspects of the craft and business of writing will be addressed by best-selling authors, award-winning poets, essayists, publishers, marketing and digital media specialists, a literary agent, an attorney, a screenwriter, and others.

Kent Island resident and award-winning journalist Robert Bidinotto will present two sessions, one detailing the writing and publication of his best-selling debut thriller, Hunter, and a workshop on how to successfully market an electronic book (ebook) by gaining a foothold among the millions of competing titles.

Bidinotto’s tips include how to identify a target audience, carve out a distinctive niche, make a book “discoverable,” and use Amazon’s powerful marketing tools to maximize sales. Through Amazon, he has sold 70,000 copies of Hunter to date.

Easton author John Reisinger will present a session on the art and techniques of non-fiction writing and how he uses real life as the basis of his books, including mysteries, based on real cases.

Reisinger will reveal what he’s learned about fact-based writing during the writing of three historical novels, one major biography, and three fact-based mysteries, plus how to select a topic, research it, and organize it. He’ll talk about how writing non-fiction differs from fiction based on real events, and how it has its own rules. Reisinger says, “This type of writing requires lots of research and organization, but it’s very rewarding. Truth is stranger than fiction because fiction has to be believable, but truth doesn’t.”

Reisinger’s completely non-fiction book, Master Detective, is the true story of detective Ellis Parker and his controversial involvement in the investigation of the infamous Lindbergh kidnapping of 1932. Timeframe Films, producers of films for both Nova and the History Channel is currently planning a feature film-length version of this book.