Five Men Busted on NRP Violations; One An Imposter

Five watermen have been charged with oyster violations in Dorchester County. Natural Resources Police said they found four watermen illegally diving for oysters in the Little Choptank River. Officers charged 36-year-old Bryan Grimes of Chester, 61-year-old Edward Grimes of Stevensville, 19-year-old Mason Coursey of Centerville and 19-year-old Christopher Marvel of Grasonville with catching oysters for commercial purposes by diving in an area reserved for hand-tonging. Officers returned four bushels of oysters to the water. About a half-hour later, police say officers found 42-year-old Nelson Goslin Jr. of Cambridge power dredging for oysters in Fishing Bay. Goslin is charged with possessing unculled and undersized oysters and power-dredging in a hand-tonging area. Three bushels of oysters were returned to the water.

After seeing his name in media reports, 19-year-old Mason Coursey of Centreville notified the NRP that the individual identified as Mason Coursey is an imposter. Investigators say the imposter apparently took the license from the real Coursey’s boat. The suspect remains at large but the NRP says an arrest is imminent.