Food from the Heart Benefits Community

A group of physicians and nurses at The Memorial Hospital at Easton borrowed from the American tradition of combining football and food to boost their team spirit while giving back to the community.

Staff nurses Jennifer Wade, RN, Stella Hubbard, RN, and Renee Thomas, RN collaborated with co-workers on the Telemetry unit to create Food from the Heart, a food drive with a football theme. Jennifer Wade explains “We thought the game would give the nursing staff and the physicians an opportunity to work together on something other than medical issues. It provided an opportunity for some of the newly hired nurses to interact with our physicians while settling in to their roles.”

Four teams competed in a virtual football game by donating non-perishable food items. Each item donated gained one point for the team; a total of 100 points earned a touchdown.  The teams’ scores were posted on a poster depicting a football field for several weeks during the holiday season.

The Telemetry Recruitment and Retention Council along with their nursing co-workers selected two local homeless shelters to receive the 1,500 donated food items. Boxes of canned goods and other non-perishable food items were delivered to the Salvation Army food pantry in Cambridge and to the Ridgeway Transitional Homeless Shelter in Easton.