For All Seasons Recognized by Maryland Behavioral Intervention Team

For All Seasons, Inc. began partnering with Chesapeake College in October 2021 to offer support and therapy for its students to navigate life challenges and unexpected transitions via telehealth or in-person on the Wye Mills campus. Recently, For All Seasons, in partnership with the Chesapeake College Behavioral Intervention Team (BIT), earned recognition from Maryland BIT Affinity for Best/Promising Practice in the Field. Public Safety Supervisor Jim Miller received an individual Excellence in the Field commendation for his BIT work on campus.

The BIT implements timely threat assessments and early interventions to assure campus safety. Through an innovative community partnership, mental health services from For All Seasons are available to any Chesapeake College student either on the Wye Mills Campus or via telehealth.

The award for Best/Promising Practice in the Field reads, “This partnership models seamless behavioral health delivery for students at the very times that they need it – on campus, in their community, provided by a friendly and familiar face that happens to be part of a leading local community-based system of behavioral healthcare and puts the BIT Team at the center of the wraparound model to secure that the campus community is supported.”

A For All Seasons licensed therapist can assist students with managing stress and developing coping skills; along with a variety of issues, including but not limited to: depression, anxiety, trauma, substance use, grief, peer relationships, ADHD, bipolar disorder, divorce, and self-esteem.

“We continue to look for new ways to impact the mental health of our community. Serving the students at Chesapeake College with this program helps to chip away at some of the barriers to mental health services in our region. These students often juggle many roles, including jobs, their families, and their schoolwork and assistance in handling these stressors. It’s an honor to be recognized for our role in helping the College deal with some of these challenges,” stated Beth Anne Dorman, President and CEO of For All Seasons.

“I am incredibly grateful for the work of Officer Miller, For All Seasons, and the entire Chesapeake College Behavioral Intervention Team. This team of individuals is extremely dedicated to the safety and well-being of the students we serve here at the college,” said Vice President for Enrollment and Student Success Kamari Collins.

The Chesapeake BIT members were Lynette Blake, Dana Bowser, Daniel Miller, Jim Miller, Dr. Miriam Osborne-Elliott, Anne Reinecke, Cheyenne Roache, Allie Silver, and Rhonda Thomas.

“It was the goal of the BIT to grow and be able to provide more assistance to our students and the college community,” Officer Miller said. “The BIT elected to partner with For All Seasons to provide in-person and virtual/telehealth services to students. The motto ‘We do it better together’ continues to drive the success of the partnership between the BIT and For All Seasons.”