Forbes Business Marketplace Lists Chesapeake Investment Planning For The Second Year In A Row

bannerv1Forbes Business Marketplace Lists Chesapeake Investment Planning For The Second Year In A Row

Stevensville Financial Advisor Provides Comprehensive Wealth Management With Small Firm Personal Touch

Forbes Business Marketplace named Chesapeake Investment Planning, LLC as a Capital Region Financial Leader for the second year in a row.

“Success is in the details,” says Todd Wilhoit, President of Chesapeake Investment Planning, LLC. “I’m pleased to be recognized by Forbes as a Maryland financial advisor who takes the time to know everything that’s going on with my clients’ finances.” Wilhoit believes that a successful long-term financial strategy is about much more than investments and money management; it requires keeping every detail in mind. Overlooking even a single real estate holding, credit card bill or mortgage statement can cause financial problems down the road.

In a marketplace flooded with big financial firms, Wilhoit and his team offer clients an independent, locally owned alternative where they are treated as people and friends. To help his clients create successful financial futures, Wilhoit focuses on:

  • Developing a deep understanding of his clients’ priorities and complete financial picture through comprehensive discussions spanning multiple meetings.
  • Keeping each client’s unique circumstances foremost in mind when creating personalized financial strategies.
  • Fostering long-term relationships with clients based on open and honest communication.
  • Meticulously researching and analyzing clients’ bills, financial statements, estate forms, and other key documents to find problems and opportunities.