Foundation Receives Pledge for Cancer Center Services

Duane-Hilghman-DonationFoundation Receives Pledge for Cancer Center Services

The University of Maryland Memorial Hospital Foundation recently received a pledge of $10,000 from the Bonnie Hilghman Cancer Fund of Mid-Shore Community Foundation, in support of its 2013 Year End Appeal, benefitting the Requard Radiation Oncology Center at University of Maryland Shore Regional Health’s Cancer Center.  Funds raised from the appeal will be used to support the purchase of new hardware and software to upgrade the Center’s two linear accelerators and the high dose rate brachytherapy equipment, which are devices used for the delivery of radiation treatments for cancer patients.  Pictured are (from left to right) F. Graham Lee, vice president of philanthropy, UM Shore Regional Health; Duane Hilghman, Bonnie Hilghman Cancer Fund advisor; Brian Leutner, director of oncology services, UM Shore Regional Health; Phillip Sawyer, lead medical physicist and radiation safety officer, Requard Radiation Oncology Center; and Ken Kozel, president and CEO, UM Shore Regional Health.