“From Study to Studio” At Troila Gallery For Saturday Gallery Walk

'Sedona Afternoon' by Kirk McBride Composite (375 x 400)Troika Gallery in downtown Easton presents “From Study to Studio,” a featured exhibit through September 4. Troika Gallery will host a reception during Easton’s First Saturday Gallery Walk on August 2 from 5-8:30pm.

“From Study to Studio” features the works of five selected Troika Gallery artists, Jorge Alberto, Kevin Fitzgerald, David Buckley Good, Kirk McBride, and Carol Lee Thompson. This exhibit will educate the art-loving public on one way that many old masters and contemporary artists create a painting by first making a small “study” painting either in the field or in the studio, and then working from that image to create a larger, more finished studio painting. Each study and its studio painting will be on view in this fascinating exhibit.

Troika Gallery is located at 9 S. Harrison St. in downtown Easton. Troika Gallery is open Monday through Saturday from 10am to 5:30pm and on Sunday by appointment. For more information, call 410.770.9190 or visit www.troikagallery.com.

In photo: The 12 x16 “study” painting (bottom) of “Afternoon in Sedona” by Kirk McBride alongside the 24 x 48 final painting.