Gallery 26 Presents Egypt to Easton: Passages through Time

Anthony Kelly is a highly respected architect who is also an artist. He recently moved from Philadelphia to Easton to work on his current architectural project, designing the new Memorial Hospital facility. Kelly’s exhibit “From Egypt to Easton” draws from one of the greatest periods in art and architecture, two millennia ago in ancient Egypt. Using rice paper and sketches, Kelly takes a journey down the Nile River, visiting the Pyramids, Luxor, Karnak, and the Abu Simbel temples.

He says, “It is humbling to see all the great work that was done 2000 years ago and to use this inspiration for my art.”

Kelly received training as a painter at the Fleischer School of Art in Philadelphia PA and as an architect and civil engineer at Lehigh University in Bethlehem PA. He received an MS in civil engineering from Villanova University and completed the Wharton Management Program at the University of Pennsylvania. He served as Adjunct Lecturer of Building Design and Construction at Villanova, where he won the Carl T. Humphrey Memorial Award. He is active with the AIA, ASCE and the National AIA Healthcare Advisory Board. Kelly has written articles on Healthcare Design that have been featured in publications including Healthcare Design, Healthcare Construction & Operations, and Environment of Care News.

Kelly has learned from many great teachers, including Mimi de Schaepdryer, Carlos Alvarez , and Tim Hawksworth. He was encouraged to paint by Andy Warhol at a Grace Kelly exhibit in Philadelphia. He has had three showings in Philadelphia.

Kelly draws inspiration from his travels around the world, and from his wife Deirdre and young son Collin. The Kellys painted together on Wissahicken Creek in Philadelphia. They are both inspired by painting the natural beauty of the Eastern Shore.

Meet Tony Kelly at an opening reception with refreshments on June 3 from 5-8:30pm during First Friday Gallery Walk. Other visiting and resident artists will open their working studios and gallery exhibits to display paintings, photography, mosaics, basketry, jewelry, and more. Gallery hours are Monday-Saturday 11am-6pm and Sunday by appointment. For more information, email or phone 443.521.4084.