Green Irene Offers Eco-friendly Consulting to Chestertown Businesses

Green Irene LLC, a national consulting firm that promotes eco-friendly homes and offices, has just announced Chestertown-area Eco-Consultant Andy Goddard has added green office consulting to her eco-consulting practice.

Goddard is trained to provide eco-friendly consulting services to local businesses who want to reduce operating costs, create a healthier workplace for their employees, and attract green-minded customers and business partners.

“Employees appreciate efforts to reduce toxins in the workplace and to recycle like they do at home, while customers are starting to factor in ’green’ criteria when selecting their vendors,” Goddard said.

Eco-Consultants like Goddard, who have completed their green office training, perform Green Office Makeovers for businesses with up to 50 employees. Goddard will conduct an on-site consultation and develop a set of customized recommendations and findings. The business can choose which recommendations to implement, either on its own or with Goddard’s assistance.

The major topics covered in the Green Office Makeover include: energy and water conservation, improving indoor air quality, creating a toxic-free workplace, green purchasing and paper reduction strategies, lighting replacements, sustainable travel and transportation options, tax credits and other available federal, state and local financial incentives.

Within those main topic areas Goddard provides recommendations for immediate, free implementations through a detailed Green Home Office Report, as well as green office product and service suggestions.

Small business owners can also easily learn how to reduce costs through eco-friendly changes.

“There are many changes a business owner can decide to implement that will result in cost reductions almost immediately,” Goddard said. “For computers that are consistently on, businesses can download free software to activate the computer’s standby and hibernation settings, which saves $75 annually per computer. A business with 15 computers saves over $1,000 per year with this simple adjustment.”

Along with the consulting service, clients receive a three-month membership to Ask Green Irene. This extensive, “green” database allows clients to research green-focused questions that may arise after the initial Green Office Makeover. It also allows clients the ability to submit questions to a Green Irene researcher for an answer to any question not yet covered in the database.

For more information about Green Irene consulting services in Chestertown, please contact Andy Goddard at You can also find additional information at

About Green Irene LLC
Founded in 2007 by the original “Green Irene”, Rosamaria Caballero, Green Irene helps people save energy, water, and money. Backed by the notion that everyone can make a difference with simple changes in lifestyle and habits, Green Irene Eco-Consultants perform Green Home Makeovers and Green Office Makeovers with advice and strategies on how to make your living or working area more eco-friendly. The goal for Green Irene Eco-Consultants is to lead your family members and coworkers to a healthier, safer and more sustainable lifestyle, and save you money, energy, and water with its consulting services and green home and office products. For more information, visit