Group of the month – Chesapeake Mom’s Club

Groups provide locals with the opportunity to make connections, to enjoy art, to help others, to have fun, and so much more. Throughout 2023, we are featuring area groups that better our community. With Shore Kids scheduled for April 29th, we talked to Chesapeake Moms Club, a local group that provides fun and support to hundreds of local moms and families. I had the chance to talk to Laura DeSantis to learn how she got involved, how you can become a member and more.

How did you get involved with the club? 

As most of our members, I joined the club because of a friend who was already in the club and who encouraged me to join. I didn’t have a lot of other mom friends or friends in the area so it was a great way to meet people for both myself and my kids. 

I know you all have different types of meet ups; could you tell me about some of them? 

We do all sorts of activities for both moms and kids. Kids’ meetups may be as simple as a local park playdate or an adventure day to somewhere further away like the aquarium or a you-pick fruit farm. We also do many kids crafts throughout the year for different holidays. We regularly try to hold mom’s night out events for just the moms at local restaurants or for bonfires in the fall. We always hold a big family event around the holidays for the entire family to come out and enjoy. We hold an annual mom’s retreat weekend and an adults-only end-of-year party. As a philanthropic club, we hold many events to raise money for or in support of local charities. 

Do you have any big events coming up? 

Our annual mom’s retreat is at the end of April. As we are coming to the end of our year (June 2023), we are working to raise money for our end-of-year charity. We will be selling raffle tickets for amazing baskets starting in May and also during our-end-of year party. We will be participating in Earth Day events this month with Plastic Free QAC, and we will have Mother’s Day events coming up in May.  

What is your favorite part of being a mom?  

I love watching my kids learn and grow. We forget to notice the little things as adults or don’t see the magic in holidays anymore, but kids make you remember those. Seeing the world through their eyes really makes you appreciate things. 

How many members of the club are there?  

We are at almost 200 members. It fluctuates throughout the year, but we stay between 150 and 200 moms. 

How can you become a member? 

You can check out our website ( and learn more about the club and pay our annual membership dues right on the website. We have a private facebook group and a private group on MeetUp that we ask everyone to request to join after they have paid the annual dues. By joining both you will get to see all our events and be connected with our wonderful community of moms.