Gunston Students Succeed in Anne Arundel County Regional Science and Engineering Fair

ScienceFair ScienceFair2 ScienceFair3Gunston Students Succeed in Anne Arundel County Regional Science and Engineering Fair

Five Gunston students participated in the 48th annual Anne Arundel County Regional Science and Engineering Fair held last week and all won awards. They were competing with the best projects from schools in Anne Arundel County and Queen Ann’s County. More than 300 projects in 17 categories presented by young science stars from across the county in grades 6 through 12 were entered in the fair. Students won awards and prizes worth thousands of dollars from organizations such as Anne Arundel Community College, Johns Hopkins University, Lockheed Martin, Marine Science and Technology, and Northrop Grumman.

George Bowie won Honorable Mention for 10th grade Physics and Astronomy for his project “The Rotational Velocity of Thrown Dowels’, inspired by George’s knife throwing hobby. George also took home two special awards: Honorable Mention from American Systems and the Fisher Scientific Award for Excellence in Physics.

Andy Camp returned to the science fair this year with an improved version of his “Portable Hydroelectric Generator” whose goal is to allow campers to use a nearby stream to recharge their cell phones overnight. In addition to getting patent advise from the judges, Andy won First Place for 12th grade engineering: electrical and mechanical. Andy also brought home a special award: the Defense Spectrum Organization First Place Award in Engineering: Electrical and Mechanical.

Finally, a team of three students from the Near Space Balloon Project won First Place for 12th grade Earth Science with their “Mission to the Stratosphere” project. Sutter Phillips, Jason Staley, and Justin Covell put temperature, pressure, and altitude sensors on a balloon that ascended 12 miles above the surface of the Earth. They verified that the bottom of the ozone layer heats up as it absorbs ultraviolet radiation.

The Anne Arundel County Regional Science and Engineering Fair is dedicated to promoting science education and recognizing and rewarding student achievement in science.  In addition to the grand award winners, approximately 100 county middle and high school students earned first-place awards at the fair ranging from special awards from community organizations to category awards based on guidelines from Intel ISEF.


1. Pictured L to R Jason Staley and Sutter Phillips

2. George Bowie

3. Andy Camp