Have You Checked Out The View?

By Eve Shavatt

How does this sound – a sizzling steak and cake (crab, that is) dinner, rounded out with a specialty chocolate covered banana martini, in a cocoa rimmed glass? Or maybe a chocolate raspberry forest cocktail? It’s time to check out The View’s newly remodeled restaurant on top of Red Eye’s Dock Bar at Mears Point Marina in Grasonville.

“To keep my staff employed I started opening up in winter about 8 or 9 years ago,” successful entrepreneur, proprietor and ex-firefighter Bob Wilson explained.

Why the renovation? Wilson’s long time manager, Olivia Starkey, said, “It was time to give it a new image. People are used to us being an outside bar/restaurant in the summertime, and are not aware that we’re open year round, Thursday thru Sunday. What we need people to know,” she continued, “is we’re somewhat bistro style – everything from burgers to stuffed shrimp.”

“Going into this winter we picked up even more seafood entrees.” Wilson added.

The experienced kitchen staff hailed from Lisa’s Small Plates tapas bar, Stony River high-end steakhouse and the Yellow fin. Ah ha, that explains why The View can offer such variety in their menu. And why it has been voted Best of the Bay by the Chesapeake Bay Magazine every year since its inception in the mid 1980’s.

What tastes better on a cold day than steaming hot chili in a bread bowl? Homemade chicken noodle soup? Or build your own pizza with your favorite toppings. Vegetarian? Try battered green beans or crispy onion rings.

“We’re very reasonably priced,” Starkey said. “The most expensive menu item is $16.95. We want this to be the local’s hangout.” With 17 flat screen HD TV’s, (you heard me, seventeen) Keno games and more, there’s something for everyone. Come watch a game and have an all-beef big dog with a basket of fries. Oh go for it – add the nacho cheese and chili. Watching your figure? Throw on some sauerkraut. But seriously, The View uses trans-fat free cooking oils.

You want to book a party like no other? Easy peezy. The View offers themed buffets or meals. They can comfortably host anywhere from 30 to 100 guests. “I can do parties to fit any budget,” Starkey stated, “from as simple as a taco bar to a prime rib dinner.”

Florida palm trees thrive, along with live music and outside entertainment all summer Thursday thru Sunday. Two years ago Boating Magazine placed Red Eye’s in the top 10 waterfront bars in the United States. “It’s a small city here during the summertime,” Wilson said. They attract customers from Canada to Florida. He noted it is not unusual to have 1,000 patrons downstairs on a Sunday for special events like their bikini contests.

If strutting one’s stuff is really not your thing, keep in mind the bikini contests are only 14 Sundays a year. “We want to break that stigma of the whole image of Red Eyes and the bikini contest,” Wilson said. “The rest of the time it’s a very diverse crowd.”

But that’s months away. Now’s the time to come in, have a great meal and relax in the cozy warmth with family and friends.

The View – 428 Kent Narrow Way, N., Grasonville, MD