Have You Ever Lost A Sock In The Laundry…Never To See It Again?

Lost-SocksHave You Ever Lost A Sock In The Laundry…Never To See It Again? 

“Mom I’m Missing A Sock” is a children’s book published by James C. Duty, an expressionist artist and storyteller.  It takes the reader on a journey with a sock that is missing when the laundry comes out of the dryer.

Duty was raised on Kent Island where, during his young teen years, he got to know local farmers and watermen and gained experiences working summers taking up hay and crabbing on the Chesapeake Bay. Many of his story lines and characters are based on those times and memories of growing up in a large family on the Island.

This is his first published effort at writing and illustrating children’s books and is Book #1 of many that will become a Collection of Children’s Stories, published under “Books From Duty’s Head”.  He is a self-taught artist and writer.

Life interferes with plans. Memories of childhood, that you thought had disappeared, will creep back into your quiet moments and you remember things you thought had been forgotten. Those memories of family, good times, bad times and friends are the basis of his many stories. 

James makes an effort for his stories to help the reader connect with their own memories and at the same time present a good moral lesson for the reader.  His stories are directed toward youngsters and end on a positive note, with the last page featuring either a sunset or a rainbow.

“Mom, I’m Missing A Sock” is available by request at E-mail: jcduty@atlanticbb.net or from the website at: www.booksbyduty.com for $10.00 (includes sales tax, postage and handling).