Historic Stevensville Arts & Entertainment District Receives State Designation

The Maryland Department of Economic Development Secretary Dominick Murray, on behalf of Governor O’Malley is pleased to announce that The Historic Stevensville Arts & Entertainment District has been chosen as one of the newest Arts and Entertainment Districts in the State of Maryland. This designation becomes effective July 1, 2013 and is in effect for a period of ten years.

At the June 4 annual meeting of the Maryland Arts & Entertainment (A&E) Districts, the MSAC announced the addition of two new districts: Historic Stevensville (Queen Anne’s) and the Leonardtown (St. Mary’s), which brings the total number of unique A&E districts in Maryland to 22. The designation offers various tax benefits to attract artists, arts organizations and businesses to locate in a jurisdiction that is in turn enlivened by arts activities and enterprise.

Queen Anne’s County will offer tax incentives to developers and artists within the District and an abatement of the Admissions and Amusement tax for the duration of the designation which is ten years.

Faith Elliott Rossing, director of Queen Anne’s County Department of Economic Development and Tourism, said “This is something that the county and residents of the area have been pursuing for many years. The Office of Tourism is very pleased to be a partner with the Historic Stevensville Arts and Entertainment Board on this project.”

Queen Anne’s County Commissioner Phil Dumenil responded, “Receiving this designation will let the area become part of the statewide network of Arts and Entertainment Districts. This is a wonderful opportunity for local galleries, artist studios, retail shops and restaurants to be promoted through that network.”

Nationally, Arts and Entertainment (A&E) Districts can be found in cities and towns of all sizes each one is uniquely reflecting a local mission, history, and cultural development. Some districts succeed with thoughtful landscaping and signage, while others are involved in the renovation of existing buildings and attracting complimentary businesses. Many are found in downtown areas, but they can flourish in suburban, rural, and neighborhood locations as well. The components of a successful arts and entertainment district are its location, management, content and funding.

The 22 State Designated Arts & Entertainment districts are located throughout Maryland. For more information contact Debbie Birch at the QAC Office of Tourism (410)604-2100.