Hoffman 411: Thank You To Our Community

Wow, Jacob’s fund raiser left us speechless. We were in awe of the effort so many people put into this magical night: Ticket sales, collection of auction items, decorating, catering, entertainment, planning, raffles. Then tears came to my eyes when we walked in the door and saw the hundreds of people who had come to support us and Jacob. It was the most amazing thing we had ever seen.

There were many moments that brought tears to my eyes, and I’d like to share a few of them with you.

• Jacob finally got to meet his pen pal Sadie, a little girl who opened her heart up to Jacob as his battle unfolded. They spent the night hand-in-hand like long lost friends.

• Jacob’s “Rainbow Art” picture sold for over $500.

• A dear friend’s mom made Jacob a red bug quilt called “Jacob’s Ladder.”

• People’s generosity as every silent auction item sold and numbers went flying up during the live auction. I could not believe the sheer number and scope of items that had been donated and made. CD’s by Dennis Dill, Kent Island books by Nick Hoxter, cookbooks and raffle tickets sold all night long.

• Jacob’s face when he made a rabbit appear during the magic show will stay with me forever.

• The many people who stopped me to say they think about Jacob and pray for him all the time.

This has been one of the most difficult columns I’ve ever written. I want to say ”Thank you,” but don’t know how. The night left me speechless, and right now I need words. I have never been so moved and will be forever thankful for the wonderful people in our community. To top it all off, it was some party… we all had a blast!

Until next time,