Home Phone Connect Brings Back “Home Phone” Service At Low Cost

By Avra Sullivan

With the economy as rocky as it has been, many people are looking to save money any way they can. One of the things that has “died” out in recent times is the idea of a “landline” or home phone. The high cost of phone service has resulted in many people opting to only have a cell. Well, it looks like the land line is making a “new and improved” comeback! The Cellular Connection, formally Pagetronics, a Verizon Wireless retailer, is offering a new product, Home Phone Connect or HPC that allows you to keep your home phone for a fraction of the cost. I talked to general manger of the Chester location Will Sauers to find out more about this little gizmo.

“We’re starting to take old ideas and make them wireless’ says Will. The HPC offers local and long distance calling, free voicemail, call forwarding, call waiting and caller id, all for just $19.99/month. You simply plug your home phone into a small black box and you’re up! Another great feature is it’s portable. Have a vacation home? You can take this with you and you still have your same phone number, and features, no matter where you are. “This is really great for older individuals as well as if you have kids.” And it’s very user friendly. No installation is needed and you can get a demo of the device at the store. “We want to be the best customer experience in wireless.”

For more info you can talk to Will at The Cellular Connection in Chester by the Subway or call them at 410-604-1000. They also have locations in Easton, Denton and Cambridge.