Hoping To Be A Loser! Kent Island’s Second Annual Biggest Loser Contest Begins

By Debra Mowbray

Let’s face it- just about everyone in America struggles with the battle of the bulge at some point. Given our countries’ abundance of food choices and indulgent lifestyle, it’s no wonder. January 1, 2012 marks the launch of the second annual Kent Island Biggest Loser Contest at Temple Fitness and Wellness Center in Stevensville. The program is modeled after the nationally syndicated show in which contestants compete for the biggest weight loss results.

For the first three months of the New Year, participants at Temple Fitness will engage in exercise programs, counseling and services provided by the professionals at the sports club aimed at helping them to achieve their optimal weight goal. Two individuals- one male and one female- who lose the most weight by the contest’s conclusion on March 31st will be awarded the coveted “Biggest Loser Title.”

Last year 57 contestants registered for the program. Over the three month period, the two first place winners lost 65 pounds and 48.6 pounds respectively. This year, the cut-off has been increased to include 75 participants and the final registration date is extended until January 2nd. The first place winners will receive a one year free membership from Temple Fitness and the second place winners will be awarded a makeover from Lehman Larue Salon.

According to Stephanie Booze, manager of Temple Fitness and a certified weight management coach, participation in the program can be a life-changing experience. “Several alumni from last year’s contest have even volunteered to help with the 2012 competition,” said Booze.

The $199.00 contest registration fee will include weekly boot camp training tailored to each individual’s ability and full access to the health club during the three month period. Temple Fitness boasts the only indoor pool in the area and features state-of-the-art exercise equipment such as the Power Plate. Temple Fitness sports trainer Eric Hartsock said, “To my knowledge we are the only area facility that currently has a Power Plate.” The equipment’s revolutionary vibration technology is heralded by movie stars and professional sports teams alike. Hartsock uses the Power Plate in the sports training program targeted at conditioning athletes ages 13-18 years old.

For the club’s mature members, Booze says “the aquatic programs can be especially beneficial in arthritic conditions.” Classes currently available at Temple Fitness include zumba and aqua-zumba, yoga, aquatic therapy, swim lessons, karate, tai chi, and both land and water circuit training.

An annual survey conducted by the United Health Foundation ranked the state of Maryland 22nd in overall health in 2011. The scores of the study are based on many factors that affect health from obesity and healthcare availability to violent crimes. Based on the survey, 28 percent of Marylanders are obese compared to just 23.9 percent of the population from the number one healthiest state- Vermont. Still, according to the survey, 1.9 million Marylanders are now overweight- a noted increase from the study taken 10 years ago. Obesity is linked to a number of illnesses including depression, diabetes and heart disease. Fortunately, it is a factor in some chronic conditions that we may be able to control. The national trend to combat obesity has led community minded and health conscientious businesses like Temple Fitness to take a stance. According to Booze, Temple Fitness strives to support the wellness of the community and fill those niches that other fitness centers may not serve.

Temple Fitness, Wellness and Aquatics Center is located at 155 Sallitt Drive in Stevensville. Hours of operation are: Monday through Thursday- 5:30am to 9pm, Friday- 5:30am to 8pm, Saturday- 7am to 4pm and Sunday- 9am to 4pm. As a comprehensive full service health club, Temple Fitness caters to diverse age groups from youth training and cardio classes to senior fitness and rehabilitative programs. Membership plans include month to month and college break fitness options. The results of The Kent Island Biggest Loser Contest will be featured in upcoming issues of the Update and on The Temple Fitness website at www.templefitnessandwellness.com . We hope you will join us as we follow the contest and support your “favorite loser”!