In Today’s Job Market, It Is JobOn

By Ron Stafford

In today’s economy and job market, many people are looking for whatever type of work is available in a range of industries. The standard job-search experience is to complete multiple applications for various potential employers and then wait to be contacted for an interview. The employer must sift through large numbers of employment applications trying to find the most qualified candidates. JobOn changes all of this.

JobOn simplifies the application and selection process for both employer and job seeker using online job search and video interview technology. CEO and co-founder Jody Presit says it is easy. “All the job applicant needs is a camera-equipped computer or Smartphone. They then log in to JobOn and begin the online video-based interview.”

Jody graduated from Archbishop Spalding High School here in Severn MD and went on to attend the prestigious Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania. After college, he worked his way up the corporate ladder, directing sales and marketing at various online companies. From January 2002 to May 2011, he was National Director of Enterprise Sales at Dice, a staffing and recruiting company. After leaving Dice and with the help of co-founder Dave Atherton and Chief Marketing Officer Chris Orand, JobOn was born.

The company’s goal is to help both employers and employees find the right fit for a job by using video for the application and interview processes. The old way of going to the Annapolis Mall, filling out applications and waiting for the interview call is gone. Using and webcam or a Smartphone, the job seeker records video responses to a set of common interview questions. They then select the jobs from an array of businesses and submit the responses.

“The employer is able to select the most qualified applicants from the recorded interviews and then schedule face-to-face interviews,” Jody adds. “Our client base is growing by about 200 clients a month. They range from the Quzinos on Kent Island to a Walmart in North Dakota.“ Jody and his team tested JobOn on Kent Island before making it available statewide. By Thanksgiving, he’s hoping to take this nationwide, reaching a client base of a thousand or more by January 2012.

JobOn charges $25 a month for a business to participate. Jody offers, “This was built around rural communities with the thought that a professional experience can be available for hourly workers.” It is truly a win-win on both sides. The job seeker uses less gas and time by using JobOn, and the employer actually hears and sees the applicant before scheduling more interviews and hiring the best qualified candidate.

JobOn also is available at shopping malls where there’s a high concentration of jobs for hourly and seasonal employment. The system also can be customized for companies wanting to use an exclusive private-label offering. JobOn can be made available on employer-branded terminals in the big-box stores or other companies that employ 50 or more people.
The responses that Jody and his team have received have been fantastic. They are looking for more clients both close to home and nationally. Local schools offering career programs also have heralded the work Jody and his company are doing. “This concept will go everywhere. You can log on and do the interview quickly without the added stress of driving from place-to-place,“ Jody says. “And, employers can actually see and listen to their next possible hire.”

Jody sees the next few years as very promising for JobOn as it helps an increasing number of employees and employers connect. “Video is the next battleground, and we want to change the lives of 70 million hourly workers nationwide. We want to provide both these job seekers and their potential employers with a positive and time-saving experience.”

For more information on Jody Presti and his great team at JobOn, contact their headquarters in Leesburg VA by calling 800-964-8698, or visit their website at You also can view an informative and enjoyable video presented by Jody by logging onto