Join Our Pro Active Parent Coalition

Alcohol and drugs present a greater risk to our children today than ever before. As parents, do you ever wonder what is happening in Talbot County with our kids, what drugs are being commonly used, and what more we can do as a parent community to protect our youth?

While the drug of choice for all teens – alcohol – is used by nearly 60 % of our high school seniors on a regular basis, other drugs including marijuana, cocaine, K2/Spice, ecstasy, heroine, and prescription drugs are used by our youth and adults alike at unacceptably high levels.

A group of parents, under the support of Talbot Partnership, would like to organize a Parent Coalition, to get these issues on the table and discuss what more we can do to better understand the challenges and opportunities our youth face, tips for monitoring and safeguarding our youth and discussing how our community can engage teens in discussions about influence and ways to “stay above it.” We are planning to hold an initial meeting of any interested parents shortly. If you are interested in joining us, please contact