Julia Moore will be presenting a workshop Loving What is: The Work of Byron Katie

Julia-MooreJulia Moore, a former resident of Oxford, will be presenting a workshop Loving What is: The Work of Byron Katie at Evergreen A Center for Balanced Living on March 29-30 

The workshop starts at 9:30 am through 5:30 pm. on both Saturday and Sunday (March 29-30) Registration is available online at www.evergreeneaston.org or by calling the Evergreen office at 410-819-3395.

Julia Moore’s personal testimony about The Work of Byron Katie:

“Before I knew about The Work, I experienced a deep well of sadness and resentment. In 2003, a friend introduced me to The Work of Byron Katie. I tried the process on some thoughts about a family member. Within 30 minutes most of the fear and pain about that situation had simply melted away. Two weeks later I attended The School for The Work, and it changed my life forever. Since then The Work has become a daily part of my life, and I’ve noticed a gradual but profound shift: my world has softened, opened, and lightened up.”

“With The Work of Byron Katie, I have come to experience a level of peace and joy in my life that I never thought possible. Situations that would have set off major explosions I now experience as small blips on my radar screen. I realize that no one, not a single circumstance in my life, has to change in order for me to be happy. This feels like true freedom to me.”

Julia has been practicing The Work of Byron Katie since 2003.  IN 2009, Julia became a Certified Facilitator of The Work. In addition to giving workshops and working with private clients, she volunteers with The Institute for The Work.

In addition to facilitating The Work, Julia is an accomplished painter, exhibiting in group, juried and solo shows across the country. She has also taught classes at the Georgia O’Keeffe Museum in Santa Fe, NM and mentored girls in the arts.

Julia’s creative endeavors have been in ‘fits and starts’, she attended college as an art major, enjoyed painting as a young mother and then worked as a graphic designer before entering the corporate world. Julia worked at Marriott Corporation for five years, leaving as VP of Marketing, Fairfield Inns.

In 1988, Julia began painting seriously, when she also started attending her “inner life”, exploring family dynamics, eastern philosophies, shamanism, and contemplative practices.

Previously she studied art at the Corcoran School of Art in Washington DC. In addition, Julia has a degree in sociology, served as a Peace Corps volunteer in a mining camp in Bolivia, and later earned an MBA from Stanford.  She has two children and two stepchildren.

The workshop: Loving What is: The Work of Byron Katie is on Saturday & Sunday March 29-30, 9:30 am – 5:30 pm. Registration is available online at www.evergreeneaston.org or by calling the Evergreen office at 410-819-3395. Scholarships are available; scholarship applications are available online or in the office.

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