Kent Island Federation of Arts, The Art of Self Discovery

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Carole_Cascio_in_Studio (256 x 192)Kent Island Federation of Arts, known as KIFA, is celebrating. Not just their 50 years of enhancing the artistic climate of Queen Anne’s County, but the art and the artists themselves.

One of those artists, Carol Cascio, has a personal story to tell. She is convinced that everyone can keep discovering more of who they are. Carol was a dancer who taught dancing for 32 years. She was a choreographer and performed in many major programs. She is now recognized as an outstanding artist and member of the Kent Island Federation of Arts.

Carol says she had learned to express herself with non-verbal actions through dance. After suffering an injury she found another way to express her creativity. When she was told a local watercolor class was full she was asked, “How about ceramics?” She says clay became her dance world. Carol thanks Maureen Wheatley, a fellow artist at KIFA, for pushing her to enter her art in an exhibit. Every piece she entered sold! She had discovered who she was!

She said she feels that gardening, painting and ceramics relate to self expression. She is an avid gardener and says, “It is another expression of my physical world as it moves and shakes.”

After moving to Kent Island she found KIFA and loved the idea of community. She says KIFA brings the opportunity to “fool around and find out who you are”. She describes it as a community of people who find a process for expression and are willing to share. “It is a rare jewel and a labor of love for many people”, she says.

For fifty years KIFA has served the community, providing art classes for children and adults. Their mission is to provide opportunities for people of all ages to develop their creative and artistic skills.

KIFA will celebrate its 50th year with a gala event on Saturday, November 9, 2013 at 7 PM at the Kent Island Volunteer Firehouse. They are also currently offering $50.00 raffle tickets to win a boat provided by Chester’s Annapolis Boat Sales worth approximately $30,000. Visit or call 410-643-7424 for more information.