Kent Narrows Drawbridge Dedicated to Eastern Shore Watermen

The Kent Narrows Development Foundation is dedicating the Kent Narrows drawbridge as the “Watermen’s Memorial Drawbridge” to memorialize the hard-working watermen that were and continue to be prevalent in the Narrows area. The dedication ceremony will take place Friday, July 22nd at 3 pm, located at Anglers Marina. The Kent Narrows Development Foundation members and local officials will be present at the event.

The Kent Narrows is known as a hub for commercial fishing, including practices such as oystering, clamming, crabbing and drift netting. Ingrained in the heritage of the Kent Narrows are the watermen and the processing industry. The dedication of the drawbridge will compliment the newly renovated and dedicated Waterman’s Heritage Boat Basin, as well as the Maryland’s Watermen’s Monument, both located in the Narrows.

The Kent Narrows Drawbridge served as the only means to traverse from the mainland (Queenstown and points north) to the island (Kent Island and points south) until the 1990’s when the larger Kent Narrows Bridge was constructed. The drawbridge now serves as an elevated roadway to carry cars as well as pedestrians. It opens for larger boats in order for them gain entry through the Kent Narrows channel.

“The Kent Narrows Drawbridge dedication serves as a positive way to honor the waterman, garner public interest in this historic structure and remain consistent with promotion of the historical significance of the Eastern Shore watermen,” stated Dick Smith, Chairmen of the Kent Narrows Development Foundation.

The mission of the Kent Narrows Development Foundation is to provide guidance and oversight for a strategy to balance new economic growth and community redevelopment, while supporting the fishing and seafood industries and encouraging the public to waterfront activities and amenities.