Kent School Students Participate in Global Collaboration

screen-shot-2016-09-13-at-9-33-15-amKent School Students Participate in Global Collaboration

For the second year in a row, students at Kent School participated in Global Collaboration Day (GCD), an international effort to connect classrooms and students from around the world. This year, Kent School expanded its participation from two to four programs and included seventh grade Geography and Spanish classes as well as second grade students. Each class contributed to a different global activity.

Kent School Spanish students shared “Back to School Traditions Around the World” describing the School’s annual first day courtyard gathering and flag-raising. The students shared this tradition in Spanish and in English. Seventh grade Geography students participated in Global Collaboration Day project, entitled, “One Wish for the School Year.” Kent School students crafted the following statement: “Our goal is to learn about other cultures around the world. We hope to understand how others live and learn. We want to see how we are all connected, even though we may be many miles apart.” These students are also participating in the “Eleven Days of Peace” program in which they share their ideas for peace among students near and far. “Second Graders of the World Unite” was the perfect program for Kent School’s second grade class in which they shared something special about their community.

According to the Global Collaboration website, “The primary goals of this whole day event are to demonstrate the power of global connectivity in classrooms, schools, institutions of informal learning and universities around the world, and to introduce others to the tools, resources and projects that are available to educators today.” According to Global Collaboration Educational Consultant, Lucy Gray, “At my last count, we have 178 unique schools/organizations from 33 countries participating in 64 events! The range of activities offered is really amazing.” Students and educators have the option and ability to stay connected with other participating schools throughout the coming months.

Kent School students also celebrated International Dot Day on September 15 by creating an array of art using dots. Lower School students created “dot art” in the style of classic modern artists Mondrian and Kandinsky. Middle School students created a mural of dots that decorate the glass walls of the Arts wing on the school campus.

Nancy Mugele, Head of School at Kent School said, “We talk about global citizenship with all of our students but nothing is more powerful and memorable than actually introducing our students to their peers from around the world. Through GCD our students interact with children in classrooms in India, Hong Kong, Argentina and beyond and they realize that they are not very different from one another. It is a meaningful step towards fulfilling our School mission to foster the growth of honorable, responsible citizens for our country and diverse world.

Kent School, located in Chestertown, MD is an independent day school serving children from Preschool through eighth grade. The School’s mission is to guide students in realizing their potential for academic, artistic, athletic, and moral excellence. Our school’s family-oriented, supportive, student-centered environment fosters the growth of honorable, responsible citizens for our country and our diverse world. For more information, visit or call 410-778-4100 ext. 110